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FM Systems – Assistive Listening Devices at Soundwave Hearing Care

Essential tool for students of all ages and working adults

Soundwave Hearing Care carries various assistive listening devices such as frequency-modulated (FM) systems. While hearing aids are the best solution for hearing loss, assistive listening devices like FM systems can help those with hearing loss in specific noisy environment situations. From theatres to schools to church to museum tours, FM systems can help you better understand speakers around you by using radio waves to deliver speech signals to your ears. Different microphones are available for FM systems.

Benefits of FM systems:

  • Wireless system for better understanding of speech in noisy situations

  • Works with hearing aid systems or with normal hearing

  • Essential tool for students of all ages and working adults

Talk with one of our hearing aid practitioners at Soundwave Hearing Care to discuss which FM system microphone works best for your needs. We have locations in Calgary, Lethbridge, High River and Grande Prairie.

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