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Concerned About Your Hearing?

Schedule Your Hearing Test in Calgary and around Alberta

Have you noticed that you have difficulty hearing? Do you have to ask people to repeat themselves? You may be suffering from hearing loss. If you’re concerned about your hearing or feel that you do not hear properly, call us today. The team at Soundwave Hearing Care can identify the cause of your hearing loss and give you advice on how to treat or live with your limited hearing. We will provide you with an appointment for a test of your hearing at your convenience. Count on Soundwave Hearing Care for an in-depth hearing test in Calgary, Grande Prairie, High River and beyond.

Complete Hearing Testing in Calgary

At Soundwave Hearing Care, we don’t just perform a simple hearing screening. We perform a complete hearing evaluation because it is the only tool that will fully gauge how the presence of hearing loss is affecting the cognitive and communicative function of the patient. Your diagnostic hearing testing in Calgary is conducted by a member of our experienced clinical team and includes a thorough interpretation of the results and a written report with recommendations and therapy options for you and for your doctor, if needed. Our quick and accurate hearing evaluations give you a snapshot of your hearing thresholds for employment requirements or pilot and commercial driver licensing purposes.

Hearing Screening VS. A Complete Hearing Evaluation in Grande Prairie, High River

You may think all hearing tests in Grande Prairie and High River are created equal, but there is a huge difference between a hearing screening and a complete hearing evaluation. A hearing evaluation will give you a clear picture of your hearing loss and the information you need to live a better life with limited hearing. See the differences between a hearing screening and a complete evaluation below.

Hearing Screening
Hearing Evaluation
Has no medical or diagnostic value
A quick check of the softest tones you can hear
Equivalent to the eye chart in your family doctor’s office
Does not give information about why hearing loss has occurred
Does not give information about how a person functions with their hearing loss
Only tests what you can “hear,” but not how the hearing loss affects your ability to “listen” and communicate
Cannot and should not be used for hearing aid selection or fitting or doctor referrals
Gives only the “what”
Is a diagnostic/medical test
Complete assessment of the entire auditory system from the ear to the brain
Equivalent to a full visual test at the optometrist’s office
Specifies what part of the auditory system the hearing loss is caused by
Identifies where communication breakdowns are likely to occur as a result of the hearing loss
Provides information about how the person “hears” and “listens” while giving the needed information to make a proper hearing aid prescription and customized fitting
Allows for further medical referrals if needed
Gives the “what”, “why”, “how” and “where”
Online Hearing Check

Hearing Tests in Calgary

Soundwave Hearing Care is a leader in comprehensive adult hearing test in Calgary and the surrounding area, as well as a unique provider of outstanding hearing health care for children of all ages:

  • Infants
  • Toddlers
  • Children
  • Adults
  • Seniors
  • Special Needs (Any Age)

Speaking to an Audiologist or Hearing Aid Practitioner in Calgary can help you return to an active, engaged life. Scheduling regular hearing tests can be a great way to detect any issues. At Soundwave Hearing Care, our first concern is your hearing health, which is why we offer comprehensive hearing tests at our locations in Calgary, Grande Prairie, and High River. During these tests we will assess the general health of your ears and check for wax buildup, as well as checking your hearing for ear drum function, hearing levels in the key speech range, and speech understanding in both quiet and noise.

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