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How to Pair ReSound Hearing Aids to an Android Cellphone – Soundwave Hearing Care

For this video, I’m going to show you how to connect your ReSound hearing aids to your Android cell phone. Now, when connecting resound hearing aids to an Android device, you need to connect everything in the app.

resound hearing aid pair android

So we’re going to open our ReSound Smart 3d app and as you can see here you have the choice of selecting your hearing aid type; when you select whether you have a rechargeable or a hearing aid with a replaceable battery, it will actually prompt you and give you instructions of what you need to do through the process. Essentially you need to put your hearing aids in pairing mode so for a rechargeable you will put them into the charger until you see a flashing light and then remove them from the charger; with a standard battery you will just open and close the battery doors to put them into pairing mode.

So the hearing aids Ihave here are rechargeable so I’m going to follow the rechargeable prompts and this can take a bit of time so be patient.

resound hearing aid android

It is asking if these less hearing aids are the hearing aids I’m trying to pair two – I will say YES. It has secured a connection we’ll hit – ok and then follow the prompts one more time.

Okay and they are now connected – so we will hit start; again this is asking me a couple of things that might not ask you because I’ve never connected it – it does need access to my location so I’ll say while using the app and for now I’m just going to say not now and okay and no thanks.

So what you’ve done here is we’ve now essentially reestablished connection with our ReSound hearing aids and our app. If you need a tutorial on the app or have any questions you can always book an appointment and a clinician will be happy to go over it with you.

So this is the first part. Now I just want to make sure the connection is secure so I’m going to go to my settings my connections and my Bluetooth and as you can see Les’s hearing aid is connected to this phone.

resound pair cell phone

So just to connect we will make sure it’s connected like that now that will allow any phone or audio signals coming from the phone to route directly through the hearing aids.

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