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How to Change ReSound Receiver in Canal RIC Wax Guards – Soundwave Hearing Care

For this video, we’re going to show you how to change your wax guard on your ReSound receiver in canal or RIC hearing aid.

resound hearing aid

If your hearing aid is fully charged or you have a new battery in it, and you feel like the hearing aid is either incredibly weak or soft or not working at all, this should always be your first line of defense.

What you need to do is you’re going to is grab your hearing aid, and we need to remove this little silicone cap.

resound silicone cap

To do that, I recommend do give it a little pinch and pulling it off.

As you can see we have exposed a little white wax filter. If there is a little bit of wax or moisture in there it will plug and prevent the sound from coming out.

resounds wax filter

So to replace this, you’re going to take your wax guards and here you have some replacements.

resound replacement filter

You’re going to just take one of these little black sticks out of the case and what you may see is a little sharp end on one side and a replacement filter on the other.

resound filter

What you need to do is you’re going to hold the hearing aid firmly and with the sharp end you’re gently going to push in and pull out. As you may notice the filter has been removed from the hearing aid.

resound filter stick

You’re going to flip it around and push it right back in and now you have replaced the filter this little stick will just get discarded and then the next step is to put this dome back on.As you can see there’s a little circle within the larger circumference.

change resound wax guard

You’re going to line it up and push it on and I always recommend giving it a little tug. And now your hearing aid will hopefully work.

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