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How to Charge Starkey Receiver in Canal RIC or Behind the Ear BTE Hearing Aid – Soundwave Hearing Care

For this video I’m going to show you how to set up your Starkey hearing aid charger for your receiver in the canal or behind the ear hearing aids, and how to charge your hearing aids.

When you take your charger home you’re going to plug in the USB onto the back of the charger and into a power source.

chrager starkey bte

There are four blinking lights on the back of the charger – this is actually showing that the charger itself is being charged up the nice thing with the Starkey hearing aid charger is you will actually be able to charge your hearing aids up to three times without power thanks to this feature.

Once it is plugged in you need to open your charger. As you can see there are two charging ports one for your right hearing aid and one for your left hearing aid.

To put your hearing aids into the charger you’re going to put the body of the hearing aid into the charging port and the receiver and the dome will sit into here.

Once you plop it into the charger what you’re going to see is in a green led light.

starkey bte hearing aid charger

When the green led lights are flashing as can be seen here it shows that the hearing aids are charging. When it is a solid green light that means the hearing aid is fully charged. Once you’ve put them on the charger we recommend you close it overnight when you come back in the morning you’re welcome to open it up to take your hearing aids out and that’s when you should see the solid green led light.

If you ever see a red flashing or solid led light that means that there is the hearing aid is in in an error state. If you see that, we would recommend bringing in your hearing aids and your charger to your as soon as possible so we can help you with that.

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