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How to Change Phonak Receiver in Canal RIC Wax Guards – Soundwave Hearing Care

For this video, we’re going to show you how to change your Phonak receiver in the canal, or RIC hearing aids wax guard.

So what you’re going to need is your hearing aid and your wax guard replacements; this particular hearing aid uses the Serra shield system.

phonac ric hearing aid

So you first need to take your hearing aid, and you’re going to grab on the little gray silicone dome and pull it off.

phonak hearing aid ric

What you’ve done is you’ve exposed a little white wax filter in the receiver of the hearing aid.

phonak wax guard filter

You’re then going to put your hearing aid down and take your Serra shield system.

As you can see, there are two holes; number one has a garbage can which is where you dispose of the old filter, and number two has the new replacement.


I recommend that you put this onto the table and what you’re going to do, you’re now going to push the little white filter directly into the garbage can or number one.

Pushing it in and pulling it out.

Now, as you may see, there is no filter in the hearing aid anymore.

phonal wax guard filter

You’re then going to push it directly into number two, and it is now a new filter that has been replaced in the hearing aid.

phonak ric

phonak wax guard filter

Your job is then to get the dome, and as you can see, there’s a little circle you’re going to line it up and push it on.

phonak hearing air filter

And that is how you change your receiver in the canal wax guard on this Phonak model.

When you need to get to the next replacement, as you can see the garbage can is now full, what you’re going to do you’re going to gently balance it put one thumb on either ridge and pull in the opposite direction, and now as you can see, there’s an empty garbage can and a refill for your next hearing aid.

phonac hearing aid case

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