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Schedule a Hearing Assessment in Calgary

Auditory processing is a key element in a person’s ability to communicate with the world. People with auditory processing problems have difficulties listening to and understanding sounds and speech in the absence of hearing loss. Schedule a hearing assessment in Calgary, Lethbridge, High River or Grande Prairie for complete peace of mind.

Auditory processing difficulties can reduce a person’s ability to learn and to succeed in the classroom, at work or in social settings without accurate diagnosis and therapy. The development of reading and spelling skills for children requires strong auditory processing skills. Academic, social, and workplace success relies on a person’s ability to accurately understand everyday speech in poor listening conditions.

The Audiologists at Soundwave Hearing Care have been providing auditory processing hearing assessments in Calgary since 1999 and offer the most comprehensive testing and therapy available in private clinics in Alberta. Our Audiologists’ experience and training are the backbone of their unique ability to identify each person’s specific pattern of Auditory Processing Disorder (APD, also referred to as a Central Auditory Processing Disorder, CAPD). A personalized APD diagnosis leads to our Audiologists designing and supporting each client’s individualized therapy program. Our dynamic therapy programs help resolve and/or compensate for the APD, leading to sustained improvements in listening and functioning in school, social and employment settings.

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