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How to Change a Wax Guard for a Custom Hearing Aid – Soundwave Hearing Care

For this video, I’m going to show you how to change a wax guard on a custom hearing aid product.


This should always be your first line of defence. If you know your battery is still working, but yet your hearing aids sound soft or are not working at all, what you will need to do is to change this little white filter.


That is a wax guard to prevent wax or moisture from going into the hearing aid speaker.
To change it, what you need is a replacement wax guard, so you will take one of these little yellow sticks. On one end is a sharper point and on the other is a new filter.


Take your hearing aid and what you’re going to do is with the sharp end, you’re going to push directly into the hearing aid wax guard ,pull off flip the stick around.


And then where you took that filter out, you’re going to put the new filter.


The little yellow stick can then be thrown into the garbage, and now your hearing aid should work.

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