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First Time Hearing Aid User? Try Receiver-In-Canal Hearing Aids

Comfortable open fit

Soundwave Hearing Care supplies Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) hearing aids. These hearing aids place the receiver inside the canal of the ear with a case that sits behind your ear. Thanks to the receiver being directly in the canal of the ear, it is allowed to be smaller than regular Behind-The-Ear hearing aid devices. RIC hearing aids are often standard for first time hearing aid wearers because of their ease of use and have a small design which makes adjusting the device much easier.

Receiver-In-Canal hearing aids feature the following:

  • Comfortable open fit
  • Sleek design barely visible when worn
  • For mild to severe hearing loss (with or without custom ear mould)

Need more information on our RIC hearing aids or other hearing aid products? Contact Soundwave Hearing Care by visiting or calling one of our locations in Calgary, Lethbridge, High River or Grande Prairie.

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