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Custom Lifestyle Molds in Calgary and Alberta

Custom molds - swim plugs
Swim Plugs
Custom molded swim plugs help to keep water out of the ear when swimming or bathing. They are an excellent protection choice for those who are bothered by the sensation of water in the ear canal or for clients with surgically implanted tubes in their ear drums.

Custom molds - musician plugs
Musician Molds
Musician earplugs are designed to match the ear’s natural response, while decreasing the loudness of sound. The result is that music and speech can still be heard clearly, but quieter.

Custom molds - pilot plugs
Pilot Mold
The custom ATC earmold provides comfort and accessibility of aviation communications without a headband. Our ATC earmold can be attached to a pilot’s headset, which consists of a boom microphone and receiver. The adjustable bar can be moved to fit the headset positioning for maximum comfort on any flight!

Custom molds - sleep plugs
Sleep Molds
Sleep molds are delicately sculpted from the softest medical grade silicone for the most comfortable earplug experience available.

Custom molds - communication plugs
Communication Molds
Whether you are a police officer, security officer, pilot or someone who needs to listen to a two-way communication device, we have various custom communication molds available for increased comfort and safety.

Custom molds - earbud plugs
Earbud Molds
Why use store purchased earbuds that are uncomfortable to wear when you can get custom made ones? You can wear these when you are at the gym, going for a walk or run, washing your car, or for personal listening use.

Custom molds - stethoscope plugs
Hearing Aid Medical Stethoscope
The earmold style is designed for the medical professional who must use a hearing aid in conjunction with a stethoscope (conventional or electronic).

Anesthesiologist Mold
This style can be used when wearing a stethoscope constantly is uncomfortable and irritating. The earmold will be easy to wear and can be sterilized. It is equipped with a snap ring for stethoscope attachment.

Custom molds - stethoscope plugs
Sleeping Earplugs
Custom molds - stethoscope plugs
Sonic Valve Earplug
Custom molds - stethoscope plugs
Solid Earplug
Custom molds - stethoscope plugs
High Frequency Noise Filter

Custom molds - stethoscope plugs
Racing Receiver

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