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Custom Communication Molds in Calgary, Lethbridge, Grande Prairie and High River

Custom molds - communication plugs
Communication molds are used by professionals who need unobtrusive radio communication earpieces. Since our devices are custom-made to fit your ears, they can be worn all day without falling out or causing discomfort. Our molds are also designed to block out ambient noise and ensure crystal-clear transmissions.


What are the advantages?

Custom communication ear molds are a superior alternative to the generic earbuds that come with most communication devices. Since they’re designed specifically for you, these molds stay put in any fast-paced or strenuous work environment.

Furthermore, this secure fit means there aren’t gaps between the device and your ear canal that background noise can enter through. All you’ll hear are the radio communications you need to get the job done.


Who can benefit?

Communication molds are a valuable tool for anyone in a profession that requires the use of a communication earpiece. Such fields include:

  • Law enforcement
  • Military
  • Security
  • Emergency services
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Broadcasting
  • Television and film production
  • Construction


What options are available?

In addition to a custom fit, there are several features you can choose from to ensure your communication molds meet your specific needs. The options include:

  • Vented. These molds allow the wearer to hear ambient noise, which makes them ideal for professionals who need to remain aware of their surroundings while communicating with colleagues over the radio.
  • Non-vented. These molds block out ambient noise so you can focus on the information coming over the radio and clearly hear every word being said.
  • Filtered. These molds offer additional protection from harmful noise levels. For professionals who work in a loud environment but only need to wear one earpiece, a custom earplug can be made to protect the other ear.


How are they made?

To ensure your communication mold fits the exact contour of your ear, an audiologist will take an impression of your ear canal and outer eat. This will be sent to the laboratory where the molds are made.

Your audiologist will begin this appointment by inspecting your ear to make sure it’s healthy and clean. A buildup of cerumen, commonly known as earwax, can affect the accuracy of the impression, so your audiologist may need to clean your ear canal beforehand.

Next, your audiologist will place an otoblock, which is usually made of cotton or foam, in your ear canal to prevent the impression material from getting too close to your eardrum. The impression material is then injected into your ear canal and onto your outer ear using a syringe. Once it hardens, the impression will be gently removed.

When your molds are ready, you’ll return to the clinic for a final fitting. Your audiologist will ensure the molds stay in your ears and don’t cause discomfort.


Where can you learn more?

Soundwave Hearing Care offers custom communication molds in addition to our hearing care services. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact us today or visit one of our clinics in Calgary, Grande Prairie, High River or Lethbridge.

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