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Enhance Sound Clarity with Wireless Media Streaming

Designed to Enhance TV and Radio Listening

Want a better way to hear your television, radio or computer? Soundwave Hearing Care has the solution. We carry assistive listening devices that are equipped with wireless media streaming. This type of device is designed to improve sound clarity even if you are in a noisy environment or streaming sound from your television, radio, computer and other electronics. You can listen to these devices at the volume you want while others can listen at the volume that’s most comfortable to them. Our hearing aid practitioners can discuss your hearing aid needs and see if wireless media streaming is right for you.

About wireless media streaming for hearing aids:

  • Designed to enhance TV and radio listening
  • Stream audio from your TV, stereo or computer directly to your hearing aids; no additional hardware or pairing is needed

Interested in wireless media streaming? Contact Soundwave Hearing Care for more information. You can call or visit us at any of our locations in Calgary, Lethbridge, High River and Grande Prairie.

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