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Bioacoustics and the sounds of nature

Women protecting her years from the city noise

The study of bioacoustics is a growing field exploring the impacts of human-generated sound on the planet. We know that humans are noisy, from car engines to construction sites and even the chatter of people on crowded streets. Bioacoustics seeks to learn how the noise of human activity affects the natural world and how it’s causing natural sounds to change. Here’s a brief overview of the relationship between the natural environment and your hearing.

What’s the study of bioacoustics?

The word bioacoustics combines the words biology and acoustics. It refers to the study of the various ways humans and other creatures engage with their surroundings through hearing and acoustic perception. This discipline is explored in diverse ways, including the impacts of industrial noise on sea life and how pollution changes how natural sounds travel.

Health benefits of nature sounds

You probably don’t need a scientist to convince you that forest sounds can have a positive effect on your sense of well-being. Studies have shown that nature sounds, even in recorded forms, can reduce stress levels, decrease pain and improve immune responses. Experts suggest that the natural sounds of the earth signal to the human body that there’s no threat present, so it’s safe to relax.

Dangers of human noise

In contrast to the health benefits of listening to the wind rustling through the trees or a trickling brook, the negative impacts of exposure to high levels of unnatural noises are also well documented. According to Health Canada, the health risks associated with prolonged exposure to high noise levels range from annoyance to sleep disturbance and even hearing damage. Some studies suggest that overexposure to noise may even contribute to stress-related illnesses.

Protecting your hearing

Not all harmful noises are unpleasant. For example, living near a loud intersection can harm your hearing, but so can listening to your favourite music at a high volume for too long. Additionally, the high-pitched chorus of a healthy community of cicadas can be too intense for human ears to tolerate over a long period of time. Whatever environment you live in, be aware of any noises that may impact your hearing and take suitable precautions.

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