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Find the Right Hearing Solution for You

Did you know there is a wide range of custom hearing solutions available for the hard of hearing? Read our blog to learn more about available options and what might work best for you.

Before your appointment at our Calgary hearing aid and audiology clinic, you may wonder what type of hearing aid best suits your needs. While your hearing aid will be chosen and customized to suit your needs, there are a few broad categories of hearing aids to consider. If you’re curious about hearing solutions in Calgary, read on to find out about your options.

In-the-ear (ITE)
An ITE device nestles in the outer ear and is molded to fit your ears. Its position makes for easy adjustment of settings. These models also offer more settings than some smaller varieties. Suitable for mild to severe hearing loss.

In-the-canal (ITC)
ITC devices are more closely molded to extend into the ear canal and are less visible than ITE models. They offer the ability to adjust to surrounding noise levels, are custom made, and are used for mild to moderately severe hearing loss.

Behind-the-ear (BTE)
Available for a range of hearing loss from mild to profound, behind-the-ear hearing aids are some of the most popular on the market today. They offer ease of use and durability, and are especially well suited to children and those with limited motor abilities.

Receiver-in-canal (RIC)
RIC hearing aids work for mild to severe hearing loss, and are smaller than the behind-the-ear models. The body of the hearing aid rests behind the ear, connected by a tube to a small receiver which sits in your ear canal. First-time hearing aid users often find this variety the easiest to use.

Completely-in-canal (CIC)
A frequently sought hearing device in Calgary, the CIC is very small hearing aid and, as its name suggests, it’s designed to fit completely in the ear canal. This means the device won’t be noticeable to anyone unless they look directly into your ear. Suitable for moderate to severe hearing loss, CIC models may be equipped with a small line to ease removal.

Invisible-in-canal (IIC)
The most discreet type of hearing aid, IICs are almost completely invisible from the outside, sitting much further inside the canal. They work well for mild to moderate hearing loss.

Different types and levels of hearing loss require different solutions, and Soundwave Hearing Care will work with you to find the right one to suit your needs. For hearing testing in Calgary or hearing aids in Calgary, contact our team today to book an appointment.

All the blogs are reviewed and edited by our clinic's lead audiologist, Dr. Anne Wooliams. Dr. Woolliams is an experienced audiologist specialized in pediatric audiology, auditory processing, and tinnitus/sound sensitivity therapy. She is dedicated to providing top-notch hearing care and helping her clients improve their language and communication abilities. Dr. Woolliams' expertise in literature and linguistics, combined with her passion for helping people improve their language and communication, make her an incredibly valuable asset in the field of audiology. Learn more about Dr. Woolliams.