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The Importance Of Regular Hearing Check-Ups

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Regular hearing tests, also known as audiological evaluations, are a crucial part of maintaining healthy hearing. Individuals of all ages can benefit from regular hearing tests at an audiology clinic to identify and address any problems proactively. Here are five benefits of scheduling regular hearing testing.

  1. Detect hearing issues early

One of the primary reasons for regular hearing testing is early detection. Hearing loss can occur gradually, often going unnoticed until it significantly impacts your daily life. Regular hearing tests can detect hearing changes and identify hearing loss at an early stage so you can take proactive steps to manage and address them effectively.

  1. Uncover underlying medical conditions

Hearing tests don’t just look for hearing loss — hearing loss may be associated with serious health issues such as infections. A visit to an audiology clinic can flag warning signs so you follow up with a doctor.

  1. Improved communication skills

Hearing loss can affect a person’s ability to communicate effectively. In adults, untreated hearing loss can lead to feelings of isolation, depression, and reduced job performance. In children, it can hinder speech and language development, impacting their academic performance and social interactions. When you schedule a pediatric hearing test with a children’s audiologist and when a hearing loss is identified, they can recommend medical consultation, recommend hearing aids, cochlear implants or other methods to counter hearing loss and give your child the best start in life.

  1. Better quality of life

Hearing loss can lead to social withdrawal, decreased participation in activities and a reduced quality of life. For those with hearing loss, hearing aids and other assistive devices can significantly improve their lives by allowing them to reconnect with the sounds and experiences they cherish, like children’s laughter, birds singing and ocean waves.

  1. Personal safety

Hearing enables you to hear warning signals, approaching vehicles and other environmental cues that help you navigate your surroundings safely. Individuals with untreated hearing loss may be at a higher risk of accidents and injuries due to their reduced awareness of their environment.

How often should you get your hearing tested?

Healthy adults should get a hearing test at least once every two years. However, if you’re over 65 and have a history of hearing loss in your family, you should get tested annually. You should also visit an audiology clinic if you notice changes in your hearing.


Hearing testing and children’s audiologist services in Calgary

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All the blogs are reviewed and edited by our clinic's lead audiologist, Dr. Anne Wooliams. Dr. Woolliams is an experienced audiologist specialized in pediatric audiology, auditory processing, and tinnitus/sound sensitivity therapy. She is dedicated to providing top-notch hearing care and helping her clients improve their language and communication abilities. Dr. Woolliams' expertise in literature and linguistics, combined with her passion for helping people improve their language and communication, make her an incredibly valuable asset in the field of audiology. Learn more about Dr. Woolliams.