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Types of Hearing Aids

Reasons for Wearing Hearing Aids

Reason 1

  • Enjoy a restaurant

  • Hear the birds

  • Listen to music

  • Get the joke

  • Hear the phone

Reason 2

  • Hear in meetings

  • Stream my music

  • Enjoy going out

  • Working is easier

  • Hear the laughter

Reason 3

  • Hear my family

  • Talk in the car

  • Feel confident

  • Hear the waves

  • Lead conversations

Find a Hearing Aid in Calgary, Grande Prairie & Beyond
Today’s technology means that you have a wide range of options available to help with hearing loss. Hearing aid users report greater involvement in social activities, fewer worries and more positive social and family experiences than those who have uncorrected hearing loss.

Hearing aids vary in style, size and level of technology. Your Soundwave Hearing Care Audiologist or Hearing Aid Practitioner carefully makes recommendations for hearing aids by balancing your degree of hearing loss, lifestyle, personal goals, sound quality, cosmetics and budget.

The need for one or two hearing aids is determined by you and your Audiologist or Hearing Aid Practitioner. Hearing devices in Grande Prairie and the surrounding area are custom molded to fit your specific needs. For most people with hearing loss, binaural amplification (two ears) offers substantial improvement under both quiet and noisy conditions, along with a better sense of direction for locating sound sources.

Hearing Aid Services
At Soundwave Hearing Care, our hearing clinic provides a range of hearing aids, and we work carefully with you to provide you with the most appropriate hearing device in Calgary for your lifestyle and hearing needs.

Soundwave Hearing Care’s Audiologists are specialized in the unique skill of infants’ and children’s hearing aid and personal FM system fittings, making us one of the few clinics offering this service in Western Canada. Our supportive and fun audiology team works together with you and your children so that hearing aids are a life-long positive experience.

For hearing aids in Calgary, Lethbridge, High River and Grande Prairie, choose Soundwave Hearing Care Audiologist.


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