Does Hearing Loss Cause Stress and Affect Mental Health?

Does Hearing Loss Cause Stress and Affect Mental Health?

There is a common correlation between hearing loss, stress and overall mental health. Luckily, thanks to recent technological and medical advancements, hearing loss and how hearing works in general is much better understood today, which means improved treatments are available to individuals that are affected.

How Hearing Loss Impacts Stress
Untreated hearing loss can create intense stress. This is because you may find that you are struggling to compensate for your hearing loss and finding it difficult to cope with the deficiencies hearing loss brings. Whether you have mild or profound hearing loss, you may notice your cognitive functions are not as sharp as they once were, leading to greater levels of stress.

Over time, you may start to notice that you suffer from physical, emotional and mental health issues. Just some things you or loved ones may notice include:
- Anger
- Anxiety
- Isolation
- Frustration
- Depression
- Social withdrawal
- Inability to cope

What You May Not Know—The Brain Hears, Not the Ears
You may think it is only your ears that do the listening, but it is actually your brain that hears. There are several functions necessary in order for your brain to hear, including:
Orientation - Your brain must orient itself by using both ears in order to understand what is happening in your environment.
Separation - Your brain needs to separate one sound from another and understand what is relevant and irrelevant.
Focus - Your brain determines where to focus inside sound-filled environments.
Recognition - Your brain depends on its ability to recognize sounds; therefore, making sense of what is heard.

Get Help for Hearing Impairment in Calgary
Hearing loss does not have to dramatically impact your life or even give you a sense of anxiety. If you are suffering from hearing loss, you may be a candidate for a hearing device in Calgary. Due to technological advancements, hearing loss can often be corrected or at least improved so that you can once again hear.

The audiologists at Soundwave Hearing Care can assist you with your hearing loss. We are here to bring you the latest advancements in hearing aid technology and we offer in-house hearing assessments to ensure that you are paired with the right device.

If have been experiencing hearing loss, contact Soundwave Hearing Care today for a hearing assessment or to learn more about our hearing aid devices. Contact us online or visit one of our convenient locations.

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