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Famous People With Hearing Loss

Even celebrities aren't invincible! These celebrities talk openly about hearing loss and how they have overcome it. Learn more on how treat hearing loss damage.

Many hearing-impaired people are reluctant to talk about their experiences or admit they need hearing aids because they don’t want to draw attention to their condition.

At Soundwave Hearing Clinic in Calgary, we believe it’s important to combat the stigma by talking openly about hearing loss and its root causes. That’s why this blog post will focus on four celebrities who’ve dealt with hearing loss and how they’ve overcome it.

1. Eric Clapton

The world-famous rock musician suffers from tinnitus and is losing his hearing due to years of playing loud music onstage. After noticing his hearing problems, Clapton began to take steps to protect his hearing while performing, such as using quieter amps and guitars.

“I started using Fender Deluxe Reverb amps and 50-watt Marshalls around ’97, after I started having some problems with tinnitus. It was my own doing’97being irresponsible and thinking I was invincible.”

2. Halle Berry

This celebrated actress lost almost all of the hearing in her right ear during a violent encounter with an abusive former partner. The experience of losing her hearing due to physical abuse prompted her to start speaking out about domestic violence. Her story is a powerful reminder that hearing loss can be a result of violence as well as exposure to high-decibel sounds.

“It was only when I was in an abusive relationship ’85 and I lost 80 percent of my hearing in my ear that I realized, I have to break the cycle [of domestic violence].”

3. William Shatner

The Canadian actor celebrated for his iconic role as Captain Kirk suffers from tinnitus caused by standing too close to a special effects explosion while filming an episode of Star Trek. He was able to treat his condition and find significant relief with tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT).

“There were days when I didn’t know whether I would survive, I was so tormented by the screeching in my head.”

4. Whoopi Goldberg

This actress, comedian and TV host suffers from hearing problems that she believes were caused by listening to music at damaging decibel levels. She’s no longer able to hear low tones and now wears hearing aids throughout the day.

“I attribute my own hearing loss’97which, by the way, is suffered by thousands of people in varying degrees’97to years and years of listening to music so loudly and so close to the delicate ear drum.”

Hearing solutions in Calgary

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