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The Top 10 Noisiest Jobs

The Top 10 Noisiest Jobs

Are you worried that you may be experiencing hearing loss because of your job? You’re right to be concerned.

You may be exposed to ear-damaging decibels in your workplace; it can even happen in some unlikely work environments. Prolonged exposure to loud noises over 80-90 decibels can damage your hearing, temporarily or permanently.

Our Calgary Audiologists see it all the time: you may not have noticed that your hearing was deteriorating, but then all of a sudden you realize you’re missing big chunks of the conversations going on around you. That’s why our goal is to help you catch work-related hearing loss early.

Here’s a list of the most hazardous jobs in terms of loudness and hearing loss. Keep in mind that it’s exposure over time that can cause permanent damage. If you work in one of these sectors, your hearing health may be at risk.

  1. Airport ground handler (baggage, ramp work, operations and technical services): 140 dB
  2. Shooting range marshall: 140 dB
  3. Factory worker (bottling, pouring product into hoppers, sawing, milling, packaging, cutting, blast chilling, etc.): 85-107 dB
  4. Construction worker or carpenter: 85-120 dB
  5. Nightclub worker or musician: 110-115 dB
  6. Farm worker (squealing pigs can be louder than you might think): 105 dB
  7. Office workers listening to music with earphones while commuting or at work: 100 dB
  8. Motorcycle courier: 90 dB
  9. Mining or petrochemical worker (drilling and other heavy machinery): up to 115 dB
  10. Daycare worker or teacher (prolonged exposure risk): 85 dB

What signs of noise-related damage should I watch out for?

  • Not being able to hear high-pitched sounds, such as women’s and children’s voices
  • Tinnitus, or hearing buzzing or ringing sounds that don’t have an external source
  • Not being able to tell from which direction sounds are coming

Our one-minute hearing loss quiz can help you decide on your next steps

Start Wearing Hearing Protection Immediately

Workplace hearing protection is the responsibility of the employer, so talk to your supervisor about your concerns. Begin using adequate hearing protection immediately. Don’t worry; you don’t need to wear big orange earmuffs if you work in childcare. You can get earplug protectors or custom-molded earplugs that we’ll make specifically for your ears and communication needs while on the job.

If you think you’ve experienced hearing loss, contact us to schedule a hearing test at one of our Soundwave hearing clinics. You’ll find us in Calgary, Lethbridge, High River and Grande Prairie.