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Anesthesiologist Molds Made In Our Clinics in Calgary & Around Alberta

The primary role of an anesthesiologist is to ensure patient comfort and care during surgery. This includes monitoring the patient’s heart rate, blood pressure, breathing and other bodily functions. Wearing a stethoscope, however, can be uncomfortable or even distracting, especially during lengthy procedures. Fortunately, Soundwave Hearing Care offers custom anesthesiologist molds that connect to a stethoscope using a snap-on adaptor.

What are the advantages?

This receiver-style mold is designed to serve the same function as the earpiece on a medical stethoscope while providing superior comfort. The custom design ensures the mold isn’t too tight and doesn’t put pressure on the ear canal. This allows the wearer to focus on patient care during surgery without the distraction of an earache.

Furthermore, the secure fit of a custom anesthesiologist mold means the stethoscope earpiece won’t need to be readjusted during surgery. It also won’t fall out, even in a bustling operating room.

Finally, these molds can be easily cleaned and sterilized. This makes them practical, durable and ideal for a hospital environment.

Who can benefit?

Although this type of mold is designed to facilitate the work of anesthesiologists, it can also benefit anyone in the medical profession who frequently wears a stethoscope and experiences earache or discomfort caused by generic ear tips. This includes doctors, nurses, paramedics and veterinarians.

What options are available?

There are two main types of anesthesiologist mold to choose from based on the specific needs of the wearer:

  • Vented. This type of mold allows an anesthesiologist to hear ambient noise while wearing a stethoscope, which facilitates communication with other health-care professionals in the room.
  • Non-vented. This type of mold blocks out ambient noise so the wearer can focus on accurately monitoring a patient’s vital signs in the noisy environment of an operating room. 

An anesthesiologist mold is also typically available in a variety of colours and comes with an adaptor and tubing so it can easily be connected to a medical stethoscope.

How are they made?

A custom anesthesiologist mold is made using an impression of the ear canal and outer ear. This ensures the earpiece is comfortable and fits securely.

The audiologist will begin by checking the ear and inserting an otoblock, which is usually made of foam or cotton, to protect the eardrum. The impression material is then injected into the ear canal and along the outer ear using a syringe.

Once the impression hardens, it’s gently removed and sent to a laboratory where the mold is made. When it’s ready, the client returns to the clinic so an audiologist can ensure the mold fits properly and doesn’t cause discomfort.

Where can you learn more?

In addition to our general hearing care services, the team at Soundwave Hearing Care is proud to offer custom anesthesiologist molds. We also provide stethoscope ear molds designed to be worn with hearing aids. For more information, or to schedule a consultation with an audiologist, contact us today. We serve Alberta patients out of our Calgary, Grande Prairie, High River and Lethbridge clinics.

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