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Tips For Dealing With Hearing Aid Feedback

Modern hearing aids feature sophisticated technology and can deliver high quality, crystal clear sound. However, even high-end hearing aids may occasionally have feedback. Here’s why this happens and what you can do to mitigate the problem. What is hearing aid feedback? Hearing aid feedback refers to a whistling noise that is produced when a sound…

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5 Ways To Protect Your Ears At The Gym

There are many reasons to go to the gym: to get stronger, to maintain a healthy weight and to feel better about life in general. But while your gym habit is undeniably great for your body and mind, it may be hurting your ears. The music that plays in the background or during a group…

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Hearing Loss: Its Impact On Schoolwork

If your child’s grades have been slipping, it may be because they’re having trouble hearing what’s going on around them. When a child can’t hear what’s being said in class, they may struggle academically. Here’s everything you should know about hearing loss and schoolwork. HOW HEARING AND LEARNING ARE CONNECTED Hearing has a profound impact…

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Proper Hygiene Etiquette – Coronavirus (Covid-19)

At this time, the Public Health Agency of Canada has assessed the public health risk associated with the virus as “low for Canada”. To ensure the safety and health of our clients, many of whom are vulnerable to illness, we ask that you reschedule your appointment if you are feeling unwell. UPON ARRIVAL TO SOUNDWAVE…

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How Hearing Loss Can Impact Your Life

When it comes to hearing loss, there are several different categories that are broadly differentiated. Dividing hearing loss into such categories helps with diagnosis and treatment. However, such labels can be misleading and you may mistakenly think that your own hearing loss is insignificant. This is by no means the case as even minimal hearing…

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Pediatric Hearing Aids

Thanks to pediatric hearing aids, children with hearing impairments can better access conversations with family members and gain the confidence to participate in dynamic classroom settings. By taking into account the needs of young children, Phonak produces some of the best pediatric hearing aids out there. Kid-friendly Kids should get the chance to be kids…

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Find the Right Hearing Solution for You

Before your appointment at our Calgary hearing aid and audiology clinic, you may wonder what type of hearing aid best suits your needs. While your hearing aid will be chosen and customized to suit your needs, there are a few broad categories of hearing aids to consider. If you’re curious about hearing solutions in Calgary,…

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Are Hand Dryers Hurting Your Ears?

Many people dislike the automated hand dryers found in public washrooms. They don’t seem to dry your hands very well and they’re often uncomfortably loud. In fact, did you know they produce sounds that could potentially be harmful to your ears? Sound levels of hand dryers When she was just nine, Calgary student Nora Keegan…

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How To Deal With Hearing Loss As A Family

Hearing loss can challenge entire families. Not only does the person with the disability experience an assortment of difficulties, but those around them must also learn new ways of getting their point across. It’s for this reason that hearing loss is considered a shared disability. Here are some ways hearing loss affects family members: Difficulty…

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How Hearing Loss is Connected to Other Health Problems

Did you know that untreated hearing loss can increase your risk for developing cognitive issues, dementia and depression? Or that those with a hearing impairment are more likely to have a fall? Indeed, scientists have observed that treating hearing loss, can reverse or even prevent some conditions. Here’s what you should know the relationship between…

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Great Apps for Parents of Hard-of-Hearing Children

Modern technology has changed the way kids learn. Apps made for smartphones and tablets offer useful resources for children in a variety of special situations. If you’re the parent of a hard-of-hearing child, it’s important you give them the best tools to help them develop their communication skills. These are the best apps for children…

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Hearing Loss In The Service Industry: Does Your Workplace Pose A Risk?

Did you know that those who work at nightclubs, concert halls and bars are at risk for noise-induced hearing loss? Many patients who visit our clinic work in the service industry. Most of us think of hearing loss as related to construction or manufacturing jobs involving large machinery, but noise in nightclubs and bars can…

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