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Ear candling: a woman lying down with a candle over her ear

Ear Candling: Potential Dangers and Hearing Loss

Ear candling is a controversial alternative therapy whereby a hollow, cone-shaped candle is inserted into the ear canal and lit at the other end. Proponents claim that the heat creates a vacuum effect, drawing out earwax and impurities. However, the practice has been widely criticized by medical and health care…

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A young woman with headphones covering her face with her hands

Navigating the Challenges of Managing Auditory Fatigue

Auditory fatigue a common experience that can affect anyone, regardless of hearing ability. Understanding its causes, risks and preventive measures is essential for maintaining healthy hearing and overall well-being. Here’s what you should know. Auditory Fatigue is Real – With or Without Hearing Loss Auditory fatigue, also known as listening…

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pain study man holding ear

Discover How Soft Sounds Can Numb Pain: Insights from Mice Study

Ever since 1960, when a group of dentists discovered that playing music during procedures reduced pain for patients, researchers have tried to determine how sound can alleviate pain. Now, a recent study involving mice is opening new doors for potential pain management in humans.

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a woman holding her ear in deep thought or pain

Why You Shouldn’t Use Earplugs for Hyperacusis and Misophonia

If you live with hyperacusis or misophonia, you may be desperate to try any remedy to help deal with your heightened sound sensitivity. While earplugs may seem like a quick fix, using them can actually make your symptoms worse. Here’s a fact-check on using earplugs to manage hyperacusis and misophonia.

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a large lecture hall

How RM Systems Are a Game-Changer for Students

RM (remote microphone) systems can be a game-changer for students with hearing loss. They can help post-secondary students hear better in noisy environments, participate more fully in class discussions and understand what their classmates are saying. If you’re a student with hearing loss, here’s how an RM system can help…

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a young woman with red hair on an orange background covering her ears and closing her eyes

Hyperacusis and Hearing Aids: What You Need To Know

If you’ve ever been overwhelmed by a benign sound like a car engine, you may have a case of hyperacusis. This condition is characterized by a heightened sensitivity to everyday sounds. It has an auditory component, which causes the hearer physical discomfort in response to the sound. It often also…

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diagnose hearing loss button

How Is Hearing Loss Diagnosed? The Dangers of Self-Diagnosis

According to the Canadian Association of the Deaf, nearly 4 million Canadians have hearing issues. However, how is hearing loss diagnosed, and can you self-diagnose hearing loss? With so much online information readily available, it’s often tempting to diagnose yourself. Read on to learn more about hearing disorders, professional hearing evaluation, and the…

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a toddler sitting on the floor with hearing protection

Understanding The Importance of Hearing Protection for Children at Different Ages

Hearing is one of the most important senses for children. It allows them to learn language, socially interact and participate in activities. However, children’s hearing is more vulnerable to damage than adults’ and requires special protection. Here’s why it’s essential to provide children with hearing protection. How To Provide Hearing…

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Classroom accommodations for children with hearing loss

Hearing loss in children can vary from minimal  to profound. Unfortunately, some children struggle in classroom settings for years due to undetected hearing problems. If you’re a teacher or work with groups of children, you can facilitate learning success for your hard-of-hearing students by equipping them with the tools they…

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A pallet of CROS and BiCros hearing aids

CROS and BiCROS hearing aids

If you’re affected by hearing loss, you know the many challenges it can add to your life. If your hearing loss affects just one ear, you may have developed workarounds to manage your condition. For example, you may be selective about your seat at the dinner table or ask people…

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Women protecting her years from the city noise

Bioacoustics and the sounds of nature

The study of bioacoustics is a growing field exploring the impacts of human-generated sound on the planet. We know that humans are noisy, from car engines to construction sites and even the chatter of people on crowded streets. Bioacoustics seeks to learn how the noise of human activity affects the…

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Close up to a person’s ear with drawing sound waves coming out of their ear.

Hearing loss in one ear

Loss of hearing in one ear rather than both, a condition called unilateral hearing loss, is rarer than binaural hearing loss. While it may seem manageable, since the person retains some hearing ability, it can significantly compromise their quality of life. It can even put a person at risk of…

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