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Young boy’s ear close up with red ripples signaling tinnitus

Things to know about tinnitus

Tinnitus is commonly known as ringing in the ears but may be characterized by several noise patterns. It’s usually more distracting than harmful but should be investigated for potential underlying conditions. These insights will help you better understand your situation if you have tinnitus. Tinnitus is a symptom, not a…

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A human ear model with people doing a hearing test blurred in the background

Case study: scientists have found a way to boost human hearing in noisy situations

Do you often find it hard to keep up with conversations in noisy environments? With age, the brain has increasing difficulty processing rapid changes in sound. A new technique called rate discrimination training can help improve hearing. Here’s everything you need to know. What’s rate discrimination training? Rate discrimination training…

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Close-up of a man’s ear

MIT researchers are reversing hearing loss by regenerating ear hair cells

Did you know that four million Canadians live with hearing loss? The sad reality is that many of these individuals experience feelings of isolation and depression because of their impaired hearing. The biotechnology company Frequency Therapeutics wants to change that and help people live more fulfilling lives by reversing hearing…

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Blurred head of older gentlemen from the side.

Facts about hearing impairment prevalence in Canada

Hearing loss doesn’t just affect the elderly. It impacts many young people and is much more prevalent than many realize. In fact, 38 per cent of Canadians between the ages of 20 and 79 have at least mild hearing loss. Here’s a look at some statistics and facts about deafness and…

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Child with hearing loss

Childhood hearing loss: it’s not nothing

Hearing loss is more common in young people than you think. The Canadian Health Measures Survey found that 8 per cent of children and youth aged six to 19 have hearing loss. Here is some important information to know about hearing impairment in children. The facts Hearing sounds and words helps children…

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Older ladies doing physical exercises

Hearing loss statistics in Canada

Approximately 60 per cent of Canadian adults have hearing health problems. Most individuals with hearing loss aren’t aware of it. Untreated hearing loss reduces the quality of life and increases the risk for various long-term health conditions. Here are some sobering statistics regarding hearing health in Canadian adults. Close to…

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Senior lady wearing a crane to get up after a fall during a walk

Hearing loss: an overlooked fall risk for seniors

Did you know falls are the leading cause of serious injuries among older adults in Canada? Even mild hearing loss can make you more likely to fall. Understanding the connection between the two can help you reduce your chances of injury. How hearing and balance are connected Balance and hearing…

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school kids going on a school bus

Traffic noise at schools

Noise pollution in urban environments is a growing problem worldwide. Vehicles, airplanes and construction noise can compound and create significant cacophony our everyday lives. When that noise permeates the classrooms of our schools, it can have a detrimental effect on children’s learning and memory. Here’s what the latest research shows.…

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medical stethoscope

New safe listening standards set by WHO

To combat the growing problem of hearing loss in young people, the World Health Organization (WHO) has released a new standard for safe listening. This international standard is intended for venues and events that play amplified music, including concert venues, nightclubs, bars and sporting events. One billion at risk The…

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senior playing sports wearing hearing aids

Playing sports while wearing hearing aids

People who wear hearing aids often feel intimidated about participating in individual or team sports. They often cite fear of losing or breaking their devices as reasons for sitting on the sidelines. The good news is today’s hearing aids are more durable and secure than ever before. Therefore, people with…

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Woman suggests hearing amplification with her hands to the ear

How sound defines human lives

Sound is essential to fully experience the world around you. It can bring joy, yet it can also be a significant irritation. Our ability to hear also keeps us safe. Why and how does sound play an essential role in our daily lives? Here are some interesting facts about how…

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Senior gentleman removing his squeaking hearing aid

Why do my hearing aids squeak?

A squawking hearing aid is frequently caused by feedback. Feedback happens when the sound coming out of your hearing aid leaks back into the device’s microphone, creating a continuous loop of sound that can be quite loud and annoying to you and those around you. Fortunately, you can take steps…

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