Can Treating Your Hearing Loss Improve Your Career?

Many professionals resist hearing aids even if it is clear that they need them. Whether you are afraid of just appearing too old or don’t want to deal with wearing a ‘foreign object’, it’s important to remember that a hearing aid does not hinder your career; in fact, it can help improve it. Hearing aids are what keep you alert and successful in a tough job market, despite your impairment. Not treating it in a timely manner is what can do more harm to your career.

Hearing Loss and Unemployment

In a study performed by the World Health Organization, hearing loss has been linked to a high rate of unemployment and underemployment. Underemployment means that if you do not treat your hearing loss, you may find less career advancement opportunities than a person who can hear perfectly well.

This is because without a hearing device, you may not be able to perform as you should for your job; especially if you are in a position that interacts with the public or even co-workers on a daily basis. After all, how are you expected to respond properly if you cannot hear others around you?

Being unable to hear could be perceived negatively. Co-workers and management may assume that you are:

- Inattentive

- Careless

- Too old to keep up with the business’ needs

- Lack essential customer service skills

Hearing Aids in Calgary Can Help Keep You Connected

By getting a hearing test in Calgary performed and finding out what your level of hearing loss is, you can start improving your hearing, and your career. Fitted hearing aids offer numerous benefits to workers, including:

- Letting your boss know you are willing to do what it takes to succeed.

- Improving your communication skills, especially when it comes to customer service, listening skills and understanding the needs of the customer.

- Strengthening work relationships.

- Improving your self-confidence. You will feel more efficient, less self-critical and in better control.

- Improve your earning potential. When there are more career advancement opportunities, you will have greater opportunity to increase your earnings.

If you are experiencing hearing loss, contact Soundwave Hearing Care today for a hearing test in Calgary. We offer professionally-fitted hearing aids that are designed to meet your specific hearing needs. Contact us online or visit one of our 4 convenient locations in Calgary, Grande Prairie, High River, and Lethbridge.

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