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Tips For Dealing With Hearing Aid Feedback

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Modern hearing aids feature sophisticated technology and can deliver high quality, crystal clear sound. However, even high-end hearing aids may occasionally have feedback. Here’s why this happens and what you can do to mitigate the problem.

What is hearing aid feedback?
Hearing aid feedback refers to a whistling noise that is produced when a sound loop occurs in a hearing device. A sound loop happens when sound travelling from the microphone to the receiver finds its way back to the microphone, where it’s amplified further with every loop. The resulting sound intensifies with every cycle until it turns into a high-pitched whistle or squeal.

How do I stop my hearing aid from whistling?
Occasional hearing aid feedback is normal. It can occur when your aid shifts position, for example when you bend over, hug someone or insert your device. Typically, you can stop the whistling simply by taking out and re-inserting your hearing aid. The next most common cause of feedback is a buildup of wax. In such cases, thoroughly cleaning your hearing aids should resolve the issue.

Ongoing hearing aid feedback is another matter. It may be caused by loose or poorly fitting hearing aids or broken tubing — issues that need to be resolved by your audiologist or hearing aid practitioner.

Why does my hearing aid sound muffled?
If everything around you sounds muffled, that’s because likely there’s a layer of earwax blocking where the sound comes out, resulting in unclear, muffled or distorted sounds.

How often should hearing aid filters be changed?
To avoid feedback issues, it’s important to have clean hearing aid filters, or wax guards. There’s no hard and fast rule for when to change your wax guards, as it depends on how much wax your ear produces. Some people need to change theirs every two weeks, others every few months.

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