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The Perks Of Modern Hearing Aid Technology

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From ear trumpets and table-top microphones to powerful devices that fit inside the ear canal, hearing technology has come a long way in the last century.

These days, hearing aids are nearly imperceptible and use the latest technology to allow you to hear clearly and without interference. Here’s a look at the perks of modern hearing aids and the benefits of upgrading.


New hearing aid models are significantly smaller and more technologically powerful than those made just five or 10 years ago. Here’s what you can expect from the latest hearing aids.

  • Customized sound. Newer hearing aids can be programmed to assist with your specific impairment. They can amplify a particular frequency you have trouble hearing, muffle background noise and even mask tinnitus symptoms.
  • Artificial intelligence. Some hearing aids use AI technology to automatically adjust the volume and settings of the device depending on ambient noise and other factors in your environment.
  • Connectivity. Hearing aids equipped with Bluetooth can be connected to your smartphone and other compatible devices. This allows you to control your hearing aids using an application on your phone. You can also use them as earpieces so you can hear phone calls, music and sound from the television directly through the hearings aids rather than a speaker.
  • 3D Sensors.  Livio AI hearing aids can detect when a wearer falls and send alert messages to selected friends or family members. This hearing aid not only benefits the wearer with improved sound quality but also provides peace of mind to their loved ones, too.


If you’ve been wearing the same hearing aids for more than five years, it may be time to upgrade to a newer device. This will ensure you can hear as clearly as possible. For adults, especially seniors, this can help delay or prevent the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

New hearing aids are also beneficial for children with a hearing impairment. Pediatric devices are more durable than ever, which means your child can have fun without the risk of damaging their hearing aids. New models are also compatible with various programs and devices that can help your child in the classroom.


Since everyone is different, there isn’t a single model that surpasses the rest. It’s best to speak with an audiologist to determine which hearing aids are best suited for your needs.


If you think you or your child could benefit from the latest hearing aid technology, visit a Soundwave Hearing Care clinic today. An audiologist will recommend hearing aids that suit your lifestyle. We also offer hearing tests and assessments for adults and children. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at one of our locations in CalgaryGrande PrairieHigh River or Lethbridge.

All the blogs are reviewed and edited by our clinic's lead audiologist, Dr. Anne Wooliams. Dr. Woolliams is an experienced audiologist specialized in pediatric audiology, auditory processing, and tinnitus/sound sensitivity therapy. She is dedicated to providing top-notch hearing care and helping her clients improve their language and communication abilities. Dr. Woolliams' expertise in literature and linguistics, combined with her passion for helping people improve their language and communication, make her an incredibly valuable asset in the field of audiology. Learn more about Dr. Woolliams.