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Latest Calgary Hearing Aid Technology

Latest Calgary and Alberta Hearing Aid Technology

“Will it make me look old or disabled?” That’s one of the questions our audiologists hear the most when fitting our Calgary patients for a hearing aid. The short answer: No. Current audiology technology now offers a wide range of options to help with hearing loss. The days of ear…

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Men wearing uniforms and protection helmets in a loud factory

The Top 10 Noisiest Jobs

Did you know that about 430 million people struggle with hearing loss? While there are many causes of hearing loss, loud jobs can be one major reason. When you work at a loud job, you have a significantly greater risk of permanent hearing loss. So, do you want to know what some…

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Cell phones and hearing aids

How To Choose A Cell Phone If You Have A Hearing Aid

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional, a busy grandparent or a typical Calgary teenager; any kind of hearing loss takes a lot of energy to manage every day. And if you have a hearing aid, using a phone takes that effort to a whole new level. The good news…

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High tech hearing aids and dealing with hearing loss

How High-Tech Hearing Aids Can Help You Deal with Hearing Loss

Perhaps you’ve been putting off dealing with your hearing loss because you never liked the idea of using hearing aids. Hearing aid technology, however, has come a long way in just a few years. The high-tech hearing aids available in Calgary from Soundwave Hearing Care offer five solid reasons for…

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closeup of man putting his hand behind his ear

Hearing: Your Body’s Natural Social Networking App

“Blindness separates people from things; deafness separates people from people.” – Helen Keller Good health and wellness are becoming increasingly popular topics throughout society.. Everywhere you look there is information on eating well, exercising effectively, and taking care of your body by regularly visiting doctors, optometrists, and other health and…

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Young man with earphones plugged into his ear

Do Headphones Cause Hearing Loss?

More than a million Canadians suffer from hearing loss. The Hearing Foundation of Canada says that the number may be much higher as many cases are not reported. Experts believe that headphones are one of the causes, especially among teens. So if you have been worried about your children constantly…

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closeup of baby's ear

Hearing Loss in Babies: What You Need to Know

Hearing loss is not always a condition that comes with age. In fact, infants can be afflicted with it just as much as adults. Infants can lose their hearing in just one ear, partially or both ears depending on the cause. What Causes Hearing Loss in Infants? Hearing loss in…

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unhappy man blocking out noise with his hands

Why Is There Ringing In My Ears?

Experiencing a ringing in your ears? Tinnitus treatment can help manage this disorder. Buzzing or ringing in the ears is a symptom of Tinnitus, a fairly common condition that affects 10 to 15% of people. According to the Canadian Academy of Audiology, 360,000 Canadians suffer from tinnitus. The severity of…

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woman struggling to hear

Does Hearing Loss Cause Stress and Affect Mental Health?

Thanks to recent technological and medical advancements, hearing loss and how hearing works in general is much better understood today, which means improved treatments are available to individuals that are affected. There is a common correlation between hearing loss, stress and overall mental health. Luckily, thanks to recent technological and…

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College students studying

Can Treating Your Hearing Loss Improve Your Career?

Whether you are afraid of just appearing too old or don’t want to deal with wearing a ’91foreign object’, it’s important to remember that a hearing aid does not hinder your career; in fact, it can help improve it. Many professionals resist hearing aids even if it is clear that…

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anatomy of the inside of the ear

Types Of Hearing Impairment And Solutions

Feeling challenged by a hearing impairment? You can still lead a happy and fulfilled life. There are many hearing solutions available in Calgary to help manage your condition. Hearing aids have transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of Canadians. With the right hearing devices, you can continue to lead…

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